Sundress Publications added Surgical Wing to their Best of Poetry Books of 2017. (12/17)


“Meet the Owl with Eyes Like the Night Sky” is Poem of the Week at Pleiades. (11/17)


“Love Letter to Airbag” is Poem of the Week at The Missouri Review. (10/17)


“Letter to Tippi Hedren” is featured in the San Francisco Chronicle. (10/17)


Kristin’s poem, “Poem for My Unborn Daughter,”¬†wins the inaugural Laux/Millar Raleigh Review Poetry Prize. (8/17)


Surgical Wing is now available from Alice James Books and on amazon! (5/17)


“Clinical Trial” appears in the new Gettysburg Review. (2/17)


Kristin is the recipient of a Tennessee Williams Scholarship to the Sewanee Writers’ Conference. (5/16)


“Haint Ceilings” appears in the Harvard Review. (10/15)