Ploughshares, forthcoming


The Threepenny Review, forthcoming


The Arkansas International, forthcoming


The Florida Review, forthcoming


San Francisco Chronicle: “Letter to Tippi Hedren”


The Missouri Review: “Love Letter to Airbag”


Raleigh Review“Poem for My Unborn Daughter”


The Gettysburg Review: “Clinical Trial: Human with Wings”


Prairie Schooner“Anecdote of the Jar, or A Gift from My Dead Californian Housemate,”

“Hiking to Le Cimetière Marin”


Pleiades“Meet the Owl with Eyes Like the Night Sky”


Poetry Northwest: “How to Scatter Ashes”


Harvard Review:“Haint Ceilings”


TriQuarterly: “The Miracle Strip”


Third Coast“Ostrichland”


Indiana Review“Abecedarian of the Death Moment”


The Journal: “Driving to My Friend’s House to Assist Her Suicide,” “Barnyard Door”


Bellevue Literary Review: “The Rules of Surgery”


Construction: “Crane Wife,” “Letter to Tippi Hedren,” “Light, Lamb, Follower”


storySouth: “AubadeandRetiring the Human Name


Alaska Quarterly Review“Swan Song”


Verse Daily (31 Jan 2013):  “Audubon Ate His Birds”


Smartish Pace: “Incidental Finding”


The Greensboro Review: “Alaskan Charter”


Sycamore Review: “Leaving Coins on the Mouths of Cadavers, a Defense”


Mid-American Review: “Loon”


Diode: “Birdwatchers”


Rhino“Hyoid Bone”


Squaw Valley Review: “Elegy for an Avocado”


Copper Nickel: “Audubon Ate His Birds”


Poet Lore: “Mercury”


Willow Springs: “For Red-Winged Blackbirds”


Sycamore Review: “Blue Herons,” “Moon Elegy”


Crab Orchard Review: “Lionfish,” “Nampa-Sha


Bellevue Literary Review: “Scar”


Passages North: “Bonfire”


Cimarron Review: “Nagoya”


The Spoon River Poetry Review: “White Birds”